localiz.me & Google Maps Street View

Hello everyone,
I have good news for you. Some of you have probably already noticed that Google Maps Street View is available on localiz.me since few days.

The concept remains the same as before, except that, on Street View, you can set a "radius of visibility" within which the marker will be displayed.
Now, there are 2 types of search : maps (google maps) and streetview.
the section "hide" is now divided in two and leaves you the choice between these 2 modes of games(classic and streetview).
We hope that this new feature is going to please you and we wait for your remark and suggestion.

Happy new year to everyone and have fun,



#1 guillaume 2010-01-05 21:54
Thanks to the streetview I can play and to discover the world at the same time, this concept is very cool!

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