First month for is now online since one month and it's time to make a first report.

Firstly, we thank all the players and creators of maps which, by their presence and their motivation, have allowed a positive report. We also thank all those who have contacted us by mail, direct message or with comments and have encouraged us, gave advice, tips and ideas being considered. Your help is greatly appreciated. We don't forget all the web-site and blog, which have cited and helped to publicize the website. We will soon create a links page where we will place links back for all of them.

Now, about the report. Recall first that the site is still in Alpha version. There remains much to do to make the game more attractive and make the design more nice. This version was designed to test a code, test an idea and see the changes that was essential to make. The objective of this version has been reached.


#1 zed 2010-01-09 16:17
j'attends cette prochaine version avec impatience..Zed

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