New release

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The website has been updated and the game has completely changed.

This update includes:

  • A new points system and the creation of page "All of fame" and "view searchers" where many information are available (_).
  • Home page and menus have been changed and clarified.
  • And finally, the biggest point, the game rules have changed.

Obviously remains a treasure hunt game, but now when a map is created, every player can take time to search the hidden object, even if another player has already found it.

When a player manages to find the object, he won one point, and his name appears on the page "See searchers" and the other players can continue in their search. Concerning the points there is no difference between the first player, who finds the object and the others, but the name of the first player appears in first and it's probably the most rewarding? No?

Now when you click "View users" (from the list of maps or directly on a map), you can see statistics for each map and compare your level with other members, see who has already found the object and others information.

This changes forces us to re-activate all maps that have been already found, so if your memory is good, you will remember where are the different objects, it's the reward for the first players of ... The good new for all community is that their is now over a hundred unsolved maps, and it's a real challenge ..

Obviously we hope that new maps will continue to be created every day. We hope you will enjoy this update, other improvements will come, so give us feedback concerning this update and tell us if you like the new rules.


#2 Lowkik 2010-01-23 16:04
Salut, très bien cette mise à jour.

Je préfère largement comme ça, plus de chance de trouver une map (au moins une lol).
Sinon je trouve qu'un système pour que les joueurs puissent s'aider, questions/ réponses sur chaque map serait pas mal... ou alors c'est mois qui suis vraiment nul. Continuez comme ça
#1 myko 2010-01-21 14:21
This update is very good, the game is more fun. :-)
But I realize that my memory is not so good, and I can hardly find markers which were visible before the update :(

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