Spring Colors

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Since our team is based in the northern hemisphere, adopts spring colors.

We hope you'll like this change of style!

Some new features are coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned Complice



New design

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Hi everybody,

as you can see, gets a makeover today.

This job has been made by MilkGraphik, known as Milk on, and we thank him for all his work. From our side, integration is not completely finished, so, there will be some changes in the coming days.

Once all this is completed, we will begin the transition to a multi-language site.

Have fun!



New release

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The website has been updated and the game has completely changed.

This update includes:

  • A new points system and the creation of page "All of fame" and "view searchers" where many information are available (_).
  • Home page and menus have been changed and clarified.
  • And finally, the biggest point, the game rules have changed.

First month for is now online since one month and it's time to make a first report.

Firstly, we thank all the players and creators of maps which, by their presence and their motivation, have allowed a positive report. We also thank all those who have contacted us by mail, direct message or with comments and have encouraged us, gave advice, tips and ideas being considered. Your help is greatly appreciated. We don't forget all the web-site and blog, which have cited and helped to publicize the website. We will soon create a links page where we will place links back for all of them.

Now, about the report. Recall first that the site is still in Alpha version. There remains much to do to make the game more attractive and make the design more nice. This version was designed to test a code, test an idea and see the changes that was essential to make. The objective of this version has been reached. & Google Maps Street View

Hello everyone,
I have good news for you. Some of you have probably already noticed that Google Maps Street View is available on since few days.

The concept remains the same as before, except that, on Street View, you can set a "radius of visibility" within which the marker will be displayed.
Now, there are 2 types of search : maps (google maps) and streetview.
the section "hide" is now divided in two and leaves you the choice between these 2 modes of games(classic and streetview).
We hope that this new feature is going to please you and we wait for your remark and suggestion.

Happy new year to everyone and have fun,


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