Multiple geolocated indications

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Our goal is to provide you a true virtual treasure hunt, and to put them in a total immersion. In this context we have developed a new feature: the multiple geolocated indications.

Thanks to this feature the user can create quests on "" with several checkpoints and therefore more clues. The hunt are longer and can be more complex. To give examples of applications you can imagine to organize a treasure hunt taking place in only one city or instead forces the player to travel the world to find new clues, each clue allowing them to bring a bit more each time to the final marker.

multiple indications

How does it work??

For players, the objective is the same, find the final marker. The difference is that the first visible clue (the one indicated in information) does not indicate the last marker but the first. When a player find a marker he will get a new clues helping him to find the next marker, and so on until the final marker.

In contrast, all markers can be found from the beginning, some very talented players, or very lucky, maybe find marker in any order or go directly to the final one. But is that the game in any treasure hunt?

For the creators of maps : The "hide" forms is the same except that it is necessary to click on "more options" and drag each new markers (A, B, C..) To its location on the map. However, as I said above the first information given corresponds to the first marker, the A and the information which was written on the A marker will help to find the marker B, and so on.

completing multiple indicationsmultiple indication layout

We hope many of you will appreciate and use this feature, and as always we will listen to your feedback to improve


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